I finally drew a thing again !!!

I finally drew a thing again !!!


I put this off for a huge while (urgh, I kind of got busy and a little nervous at posting this) but I present you desperate Gaalee fans with my own personal rec list :O Hopefully you guys haven’t read all of these and I wasted my time doing this. I’ll edit this later with added fics and…

I felt like reblogging it just incase anyone cares lol.


every time this comes on my dash i watch it and every time it becomes even funnier than the time before and eventually it will be so funny that i will literally have an aneurysm and die.

please don’t pay attention to me I’m doodling 


shh.shh can you hear that? its the sound of the sterek shippers hearts shattering. and jennifer laughing in the background

cute chibi girls seem to be the only thing im good at

cute chibi girls seem to be the only thing im good at

eww old sketches

eww old sketches

If you’re a feminist, please unfollow me.




Please please please. 

hey dudes im a bullshit interpreter here to let you know what he actually means, which is:

“if you believe in equal rights and have a brain, please unfollow me”

thanks for reading!!

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